LockedIssue with HC ticketing system and SPF

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2012/09/25 09:03:27 (permalink)

Issue with HC ticketing system and SPF


I found some customers are rejecting ticketing emails due to SPF. Let me explain, their email is setup as lets say customer@domain.com.
When they open a ticket, they get a copy and the FROM/SENDER is their own email address customer@domain.com. When received by their remote SMTP (their ISP), it is rejected due to SPF failure.
I dont have access to domain.com. Its their "big ISP's" e-mail server, not their own domain.
Resadmin replies are ok as they use a static sender I define in HC. Problem seems to be with the copy they get of the ticket they opened, where HC uses FROM and TO = their profile address.
Pls advise if you guys can change the FROM in such cases or let us do that, to avoid SPF issues. Sorry if there's a setting for this, but seems there isnt.

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    Re:Issue with HC ticketing system and SPF 2012/11/09 08:58:38 (permalink)
    Please, any news? Tahir, please, if HC can be just a bit more active in forum... Seems they leave everything just for you to answer... :(

    See below... Pls, is there a way to change the SENDER? HC puts the sender the same email as receipient (customer's email) and thus many systems refuse it.
   [000A4588] 10:32:05 Client session >>> MAIL From:< xxx@advmail.com.br> SIZE=7226   [000A4588] 10:32:06 Client session >>> RCPT To:< xxx@advmail.com.br>   [000A4588] 10:32:34 Client session <<< 554 5.7.1 < xxx@advmail.com.br>: Sender address rejected: sender address is forged
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    Re:Issue with HC ticketing system and SPF 2013/02/19 13:02:29 (permalink)
    Just to keep this updated, below is HC's reply to me from support, confirming there will be improvements to this in upcoming releases :)
    [<font]We have discussed this with the concerned department, and they have not agreed to change the current implementation of HC mail settings. However, please note that in future, we will be providing the option to add the To, CC and BCC dynamic tags in email templates, so that user can set the required values as per their choice. Please note that this feature is currently in our to-do list, and will be available in any of the future builds of HC.
    Thank You
    Waqas Ahmad
    Technical Support Engineer
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