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2012/10/25 02:11:53 (permalink)

Hostbill with HC?

Searched the Forums and do not see any comments regarding the possibility of using Hostbill http://www.hostbillapp.com/ with HC instead of whmcs. Assume that means this is not supported, has it been considered or discussed anywhere? thanks

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    Re:Hostbill with HC? 2012/10/27 06:08:36 (permalink)
    You can view the comparison of HostBill and WHMCS from this link:
    Currently HC does not support HostBill at the moment but if HC Team somehow gives some option for exporting billing details from HC Billing System then those could be taken as input into HostBill too. Not too sure if HostBill supports Export/Import option or not.
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    Re:Hostbill with HC? 2012/10/29 00:38:07 (permalink)
    Thanks for the feedback. So short answer is no current support. 
    I would be recommending to HC to look at this. If they are supporting WHMCS they should consider other popular billing software. Hostbill seems to be gaining customers and features quickly and now looks like a good product.

    Obviously Hostbill has integration API's as they already work with all the other popular control panels, infact HC looks to be one of the few panels they have no integration with.  HC any plans with this?
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    Re:Hostbill with HC? 2012/11/22 22:00:50 (permalink)
    Any updates on HostBill integration?
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Hostbill with HC? 2012/11/23 03:07:05 (permalink)
    HostBill integration is not included in our future road map.
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    Re:Hostbill with HC? 2012/11/23 03:19:04 (permalink)
    Yeah sure but in what future?
    Is there any estimated timeframe?
    Future can be next life for what i know 
    HC Staff
    HC Staff
    Re:Hostbill with HC? 2012/11/23 03:34:51 (permalink)
    I meant to say that we don't have any plan yet to support HostBill in the HC system.
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