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2012/10/29 10:13:17 (permalink)

HCadmin should have full powers to delete users

I usually have bad luck with Advanced delete. Many times for older users it doesnt work.
This time HC, who was very helpful, found it was not specific to advanced delete... Even via panel Id get: Error : 70500260 : Unknown exception occurred while deleting user. Ive had other cases where for several reasons advanced delete didnt work, such as the users path being corrupt and inacessible or something.

It was solved deleting all user quota 1 by 1 (having to log to each reseller's user and deleting each of their FTPs) and then deleting the reseller direct in DB... Which IMHO isnt ideal either, I think there should be some clear logging in HC for these cases. We have to understand WHY the error, but seems that is never done and things are fixed directly in DB...

Anyways, main suggestion, so that I dont even need to rely on advanced delete:
1) HCadmin should IMHO have FULL POWERS. Im unable to delete a reseller as hcadmin. HC says resources are in use. FTP's can only be disabled as hcadmin. IMHO hcadmin should be able to fully delete any user he wants! You can add a warning pop up or something.
PS - I now have inside System Jobs :: Scheduled Tasks a bunch of stale records. Some show "Deleting" and dont even let me cancel... others are "cancelled". No way to clear that screen in interface (there should be! as well as IMHO admin should be informed if advanced delete did not work...), so only way as per tech support, of course take backup of your DB and the table you have to delete (risk is all yours...) is [<font]tblTrashData

[<font]You can delete the rows in tblTrashData where TableName is set as tblUsers, as it is pointing to the deletion of the users from your panel.  I can confirm this works well.
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