LockedIceWarp generate pwd button confusing users

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2012/11/01 13:41:50 (permalink)

IceWarp generate pwd button confusing users

Dear HC,
1 more issue, users are using the password generator HC provides, but it doesnt generate pwds as per our icewarp policy, so it generates confusion.

Can you consider some alternative or let us remove this button somehow?


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    Re:IceWarp generate pwd button confusing users 2013/03/10 10:57:03 (permalink)
    So best we could agree on is for me to use a similar policy in icewarp... 8 chars, at least 1 number, 1 special char (!, @, etc) at least, 1 letter...
    I also disliked fact HC generates pwd in high/low letters (will confuse users for sure), but ok, at least it will pass if someone uses HC´s pass generator.
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