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2013/01/13 18:34:11 (permalink)

Cluster Deployment Question

I have setup a small 8 server cluster evaluation and so far everything appears to be running correctly.   When setting up a web server node within the Linux family there is not an option for dedicated SSL.  The windows family web server shows this option.  Is dedicated SSL not available for Linux or am I missing something?   I hope the latter as this would make no sense as ecommerce would not be an option for linux customers.

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    Re:Cluster Deployment Question 2013/01/14 10:50:51 (permalink)
    I have received an e-mail from support that their Linux panel does not support dedicated SSL.  This is a real let down.  Customers having the need of dedicated SSL support are totally eliminated which is not an option for us.    I am sure that adding dedicated SSL manually on the server is an option, however, this eliminates the point of automation.    Such shame as everything else seemed to work for us.  
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    Re:Cluster Deployment Question 2013/07/03 09:38:09 (permalink)
    I guess HC is going to integrate the option of Dedicated SSL for Linux family soon, maybe in a new build... Perhaps we can contact the support team for further details.
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