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New Directory Structure - One Year Later

It has been about a year since HC made the decision to change the directory structure for accounts.  This was discussed at length in the HC Roadmap thread elsewhere on this forum.  As part of that discussion, some technical reasons were posted as to why this change was necessary.
Following feature requested by our customers very frequently
Reseller within Reseller
Rename control panel user
Instant website transfer between users
Transfer website with zero down time
Customer running mail only hosting or virtualization they no need to enable web IIS role in cluster

In looking at this list, have any of these been implemented?  I know I'm only one host, but only the first two of these would be useful to me.  But I would never have accepted this change just to get those features. 
A year later, I still have customers complaining about this as they add domains to their existing accounts and find that they can't FTP to the new domains like they did their old ones.  I have one customer with 30 domains that existed before the change that all get managed from one FTP account - then he has 20 more that he's added since that each have to have a separate FTP account.  If he wants to make a change to each site, he now has to log into 21 different FTP accounts when he should be able to do this with just ONE.  It still adds issues for us supporting clients - especially on accounts like that above where some domains fall under the old structure and some the new.
I'm not really trying to rehash old arguments.  I am more wondering what we have gained from this rather unpopular change over the past year.

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