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2013/06/14 13:22:31 (permalink)

creating public folders

I have HC9 with Exchange 2010 and all the latest updates etc.
I am trying to create a public folder of calendar type for one of my customers and it is giving me the following error:
Error :  : Error occurred while adding public folder.
I have a public folder database set up.
Do I have something misconfigured or is this just not working right?  I have tried to add the public folder as the client, the reseller, and the hcadmin account.

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    Re:creating public folders 2013/06/14 13:51:46 (permalink)
    Apparently you can't create public folder calendars through the shell or the console.  You have to create the mail enabled public folder, give the users permissions for it, and then through outlook create the public folder calendar.
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    HC Staff
    Re:creating public folders 2014/09/30 05:24:58 (permalink)
    Solution of such problem is listed in this KB http://portal.hostingcont...ct-and-task-in-hc.aspx
    If this doesn't fix the problem then open ticket on HC support department.
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