LockedPossibility do define SubDomain home folder

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2014/11/11 09:39:16 (permalink)

Possibility do define SubDomain home folder

I would like to request a feature that is found in most Control Panel (cPanel, Ensim, Helm, Plesk).
When we first created a site, (with IIS) HC will created a similar structure in the IIS server  :


But when creating a subdomain, the option to point the home directory to a sub folder of the existing domain should be available. Currently, HC will created the subdomain as follow :


But I would like to option to either created a sub domain like HC is alreayd doing or select a existing folder of the current domain EX :
For the main domain root :

and the subdomain root :

Currently, to archive this I have to change the home folder manually in IIS, but most end user createin a website will request/need this feature while developing a website.
Thank You!

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    Re:Possibility do define SubDomain home folder 2014/11/12 03:14:28 (permalink)
    Such implementation was using by HC in older version but this was changed on number of change request from different customers, this is what I received answer..
    But still it is a very valid request and should be considered.
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