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2014/11/13 10:13:04 (permalink)

Easy Alias/foward viex and modification

I've started to play with the email foward and alias system. The navigation is a little complicated and should be easier to view.
Currently :
To add a allias you need to :
1- Created the mail box
2- Navigate to "Edit Email Addresses" (Note this should contain the name email alias to for clarity)
3- Add the alias and save.
Now the hard part, (Based on one of our client with more than 200 email addresses)
If you need to find out how is pointing the which alias, you need to edit each email account seperatly.
My suggestion :
Have a global menu for e-mail foward/alias (En eventually away message would also be pratical!)
When opening the menu, you first see a table listing existing alais/foward/aways message  :
| Email                 |   Service      |    TO            |    Action      |
| info@me.com     |   Foward      | bob@me.com| Edit/Remove|
| info2@me.com   |   Alias          | bob@me.com| Edit/Remove|
| bob@me.com     |  Away          | Till 15nov      |Edit/Remove|
(Sorry to my design talent!)
This way the client could easilly Add, modify and remove service from this single menu and see what is pointing where.
Thank You.

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