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2015/03/17 04:50:29 (permalink)

Active Directory Sync Tool

How the AD Sync utility communicate to the Hosted Exchange AD. Does it communicate using LDAP protocol or http between customer and Hosted Exchange AD ?

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    Re:Active Directory Sync Tool 2015/03/17 06:07:02 (permalink)
    Patrick, the ADSync tool uses LDAP for communication with the Hosted Exchange AD. The following link might be helpful for you:
    By the way, do you wish to create Exchange mailboxes on local AD accounts?
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    Re:Active Directory Sync Tool 2015/03/18 05:21:24 (permalink)
    Currently it pull the password and attribute information in simple text format, how do we enforce to use SSL. What setting shall be made at Exchange Hosted AD for this purpose ?
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    Re:Active Directory Sync Tool 2015/03/18 05:34:37 (permalink)
    To use ADSync using SSL  make sure that LDAP-S is configured on the Cloud Active Directory, to accept and allow communication using ldaps.
    General Info sharing for LDAP-S configuraiton on DC 

    How to enable LDAP over SSL with a third-party certification authority 
    Verification Ldaps communication:
    To verify if secure ldaps is establishing connection with remote Cloud AD.
    On Customer Local AD machine where HC ADSync utility is running go to start > Run > type (without quote)  "ldp" > Connection tab > connect.
    Server : Insert the Cloud DC URL name on which certificate is installed
    Port : 636
    SSL : Enable this option 
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