LockedAPI Domain with SSL.

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2015/10/16 06:10:26 (permalink)

API Domain with SSL.

Hi Guys.
Can I enable the SSL on HC API domain which I am using for the configuration of WHMCS and if it is supported then what kind of changes, i need to make in configuration file of WHMCS. Please let me know because I want to secure my API calls.

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    Re:API Domain with SSL. 2015/10/18 23:32:14 (permalink)
    For it, you need to follow the instructions given below:
    1. You can download HC.php file from the following URL:
    2. Now open HC.php file and in protocol field provide value https instead of http

      $domainname = $x;
      $name = $x;
    This would help you to have all communication between WHMCS and Hosting Controller over a secure socket using https protocol.
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