LockedRace for Microsoft Exchange 2016 support

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2015/10/28 05:42:49 (permalink)

Race for Microsoft Exchange 2016 support

In the race of Exchange 2016 support, all control panels would be trying to reach the finishing point earlier. I see on a website panel forum post that they would be soon implementing it in January 2016.
What is the roadmap of Hosting Controller for providing Exchange 2016 automation?

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    Re:Race for Microsoft Exchange 2016 support 2015/10/29 01:44:22 (permalink)
    Yes, its much awaited for Exchange 2016. I have seen in one of the announcements by Hosting Controller team, that they have supported Exchange 2016. Has any one installed it yet to see how its working ? Is there any GUI changes involved since this would require a learning curve on part of knowing Hosting Controller Exchange 2016 module.
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