LockedHC ADSync Tool stop synchronization

2015/11/03 01:46:52 (permalink)

HC ADSync Tool stop synchronization

Our customer have mistakenly remove the mailbox users from cloud DC, though we have recreated the users but Active Directory Synchronization tool is no longer syncing attributes for these users.
How can I re-map these users and secondly how can I prevent Tenant admin in the HC Control Panel by not performing delete or modify operations for their mailboxes ?

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    Re:HC ADSync Tool stop synchronization 2015/11/05 05:25:47 (permalink)
    Synchronization stop issue scenario is already explained for the deleted user in the following forum post:
    For organizations whose mailboxes attributes are to be set and controlled via ADSync tool and not via HC panel, then in that case one can follow these steps:
    1. Login as host in HC panel.
    2. Navigate to the menu : Panel Configuration :: Exchange Module Configuration :: AD Sync Managed Organizations.
    3. Here select the AD Sync Managed check box in front of Exchange Organization whose mailboxes are to be modified via ADSync only.
    By following the above steps, you would be able to set the AD User attributes for the mailboxes only via ADSync tool which is configured on Client AD.
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