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2015/11/12 08:27:20 (permalink)

Salient features of HC AD Sync Tool

What are the salient features of HC AD Sync Tool ? Can anyone provide me details here?

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    Re:Salient features of HC AD Sync Tool 2015/12/01 01:33:48 (permalink)
    Few of the salient features of Active Directory Synchronization tool are as under:
    • Sync Password: Synchronizes password changes
    • Sync Identity: Synchronizes identities (Users, attributes) between Active Directories
    • Sync Access: Synchronizes groups or roles between Active Directories
    • Auto and Manual Mapping: Automatically associates objects (user, groups) between source and target directories and creates new identity and object automatically if its not already present.
    You can also visit the following page to see Frequently Asked Questions about Hosting Controller Active Directory Synchronization tool:
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