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2016/01/12 20:25:05 (permalink)

Help config HC working on Centos google compute

I try to using HC on Centos with Google compute. It's working well and I've install HC on this server then add it to my cluster.
I've add a website to this server by HC. All config about virtualhost on httpd.conf is correct.
But when i access to my website, it's not working on documentroot of user then working redirect on documentroot of apache.
If i change <virtualhost IP:80> on httpd.conf to <virtualhost *:80> then website will working correct with document root of user.
HC only add virtualhost with IP:80
Can you tell me how to fix this on my server working well ?

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    Re:Help config HC working on Centos google compute 2016/01/12 23:25:05 (permalink)
    Try to configure the same Public IP on your Google Cloud VM in HC panel as well. After it, your website should be browsed.
    Also, please make sure that you have specified the default document for this website in HC panel from : "Hosting Services :: Manage Websites :: My Websites :: Website Properties :: URL Redirection". If problem persists you may discuss it in a ticket with the support dept.
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    Re:Help config HC working on Centos google compute 2016/01/13 00:50:25 (permalink)
    All of it is well done. But it's not working.
    And if i login SSH, using command wget websitename ; it's work and get correct file from document root of user.
    I think it's not from HC but i don't know how to fix with this case.
    I need a new server asp
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