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2016/10/06 11:01:17 (permalink)

Domain Registration

I’m interested to hear any comments regarding HC-compatible domain registration companies. Which one(s) provide the best experience for HC users?
I saw an old post saying that HC supported domain transfers only for Enom and Realtime Register. Is that still true? Are there any other implementation differences between registrars, that a reseller or webadmin would notice?
I would prefer to avoid any company that pushes unwanted services or sends excessive email to customers.
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    Re:Domain Registration 2016/10/07 00:43:42 (permalink)
    We used Godaddy in the past for Domain Transfer and it worked fine. It all depends upon your requirements. If Enom covers your target country tlds then you will go with it else you may choose other supported domain registrar with Hosting Controller. I have heard that free Enom and Realtime register accounts are offered by HC team on meeting certain criteria. So, you can check with the HC team for it too.
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