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2019/04/17 22:42:23 (permalink)

Redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS for HC Panel

I would like to redirect all http traffic into https. For example, if I open it will redirect into https:// cp.domain.com
Could you please share the KB article or steps, so I will configure it?

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    Re: Redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS for HC Panel 2019/04/17 23:11:07 (permalink)
    Hi Michael,
    Here are steps:
    1. Open IIS
    2. Make sure that URL Rewrite Module is installed on your IIS. If it is not installed, then you can install it via Web Platform Installer (URL Rewrite module has to be installed separately after IIS8)
    3. Reopen IIS Manager after installing URL Rewrite Module
    4. Select your site on which you want to configure redirection and select the ‘URL Rewrite’ option.
    5. On the URL Rewrite menu, click on ‘Add Rule(s)…’ option from the Actions pane window.
    6. Select Blank rule under the Inbound rules section
    7. Give a name to the new blank rule
    8. For the Requested URL: option, select Matches the Pattern from drop-down menu.
    9. For the Using: option, select Regular Expressions from drop-down menu
    10. In the Pattern: test field add ‘(.*)’
    11. Now open Conditions menu and click on Add.
    12. In the Condition input: text field add ‘{HTTPS}’
    13. In the Pattern: text field add ‘^OFF$’
    14. Now open the Action menu.
    15. For the Action type: option, select Redirect from the drop-down menu.
    16. In the Redirect URL: text field add ‘https://{HTTP_HOST}/{R:1}’
    17. For the Redirect type: option, select See Other (303)
    18. Click on Apply
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    Re: Redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS for HC Panel 2019/05/15 05:12:05 (permalink)
    We have published this frequently asked question under this link which shall help you too : https://portal.hostingcontroller.com/kb/a2330/how-to-auto-redirect-a-website-http-traffic-to-https.aspx
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