LockedDifference b/w EAS and EWS ?

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2019/04/18 08:05:27 (permalink)

Difference b/w EAS and EWS ?

What is the difference between EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) and EWS (Exchange Web Service)? 

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    Re: Difference b/w EAS and EWS ? 2019/04/18 08:17:37 (permalink)
    Exchange ActiveSync is a protocol developed specifically to support mobile devices that are written to use the ActiveSync API. 

    EWS is a collection of several different web service APIs to support a multitude of services. Some of these are: 
    Outlook for MAC 
    Mailbox Replication Service Proxy 

    Also, many third-party vendors will use the EWS APIs to develop their products as it gives a robust platform for accessing mailboxes as the mailbox owner. A prime example of this is many archiving solutions.
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