LockedExchange Litigation Hold resource(s) missing?

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2019/04/29 04:48:41 (permalink)

Exchange Litigation Hold resource(s) missing?

When enabling Litigation Hold through HC Panel on an Exchange Mailbox I receive the error 'Litigation hold cannot be enabled because of insufficient resource quota' with a violated resource(s) overview. The problem is, I can't select/configure Litigation Hold quota's anywhere within our plans with Exchange resources. This resource seems not to be listed.
Am I missing something?

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    Re: Exchange Litigation Hold resource(s) missing? 2019/05/03 03:10:31 (permalink)
    Rumi if you are getting the issue at reseller level in HC10 panel while setting Litigation Hold for mailboxes then your reseller itself would be lacking the quota for Litigation Hold in the ServicePlan which is purchased from GlobalAdmin.
    Sell Litigation Hold resource quota to reseller and then your issue will be resolved by modifying the Service Plan sold to the client. If problem persists then open a ticket with support department by sending an email to support@hostingcontroller.com
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