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2019/05/23 02:04:57 (permalink)

Bulk Mail Contacts

While adding Bulk Mail Contacts when I am going to upload the CVS file, it throws an error as: 
Error: Email address "" contains white space in CSV file. An email address cannot contains white space. 
I am not sure why this error is occurring. Please help!

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    Re: Bulk Mail Contacts 2019/05/23 02:10:18 (permalink)
    This usually happens if internal email address field is kept empty. Please make sure that you have specified the value for internal email address for contact. Please note that value of domain for internal email address must match your accepted domain in Exchange.
    For example, your Exchange Accepted Domain ( Mail Domain) is domain.com then in this case, in csv file you must enter the same domain name for internal email address like someone@domain.com . I hope after specifying correct internal email address in csv file against your Mail Contacts, the issue will be sorted out.
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