LockedWhy my Mail Enable sending junk emails

Arnar Paul
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2019/06/11 06:07:18 (permalink)

Why my Mail Enable sending junk emails

Hi Team,
My Mail Enable is sending out junk emails. At the moment many seem to originate from "postmaster@domain.com" which is a domain on this system, but is not a mail domain.
At other times, the emails are "from" and "to" completely external domains. Its almost like I am an open relay, but I am not...
I have checked the SMTP configuration and it seems OK. Only authenticated users can send out.
I have checked the logs and I cannot understand how these emails are getting in and out of the system.
I need some help to stop this from happening...

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    Re: Why my Mail Enable sending junk emails 2019/06/13 05:51:35 (permalink)
    Arnar, the issue could be because of any of the following reasons as mentioned in the MailEnable forum posts given below:
    I hope this shall help you but don't forget to make my reply as helpful if that works :).
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