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Arnar Paul
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2019/07/01 04:22:51 (permalink)

Microsoft Resource Mailboxes - Room

When creating Resource Mailboxes for Rooms, they are created with the Booking Delegates Booking Requests set to "Use customized settings to accept or decline booking requests"
Is there either:
a) A way to change this through the HC10 console on a room by room basis once the Resource Mailbox has been created.
b) A way to set this as the default setting when a Resource Mailbox is created.

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    HC Team
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    Re: Microsoft Resource Mailboxes - Room 2019/07/01 05:17:43 (permalink)
    Yes, this can be changed from within HC panel  after resource mailbox creation from HC by navigating to the dashboard of resource mailbox at : Provisioning  >> Exchange Organizations  >> Resource Mailboxes >>  Dashboard and then selecting the option "Accept Or Decline Booking Requests Automatically" under Booking Delegates tab.
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