LockedUser level restrictions

2019/07/02 20:13:06 (permalink)

User level restrictions

Is there any way I can restrict my all clients on adding mail contacts through HC10 panel?

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    HC Team
    Hosting Controller
    Re: User level restrictions 2019/07/04 00:32:27 (permalink)
    You can configure restriction on adding of Exchange Mail Contaccts for your customers by following below mentioned steps :
    1. Login as Global Admin user in HC10.
    2. Navigate to menu : Configurations >> Panel Conf. >> Manage Role Permissions.
    3. Here specify Select User Role as Reseller/Client.
    4. Now under Exchange >> Mail Contacts link select check box against "Do not allow to perform 'Add' action".
    This way, now your customers would not be able to add Mail Contacts via HC10 panel.
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