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Dude H
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2019/08/09 06:50:27 (permalink)

Authentication query

What will happen if I change Internal HC Authentication to External AD-User Authentication with existing Admin users which are configured in Internal HC Authenticaion
We would like to use AD Authentication but I am afraid if I change it what will happen to my Admin users, can i use both internal and AD at the same time?
Thanx in advance

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    HC Team
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    Re: Authentication query 2019/08/09 07:01:04 (permalink)
    Both Internal HC Authentication and External AD-User Authentication cannot be used simultaneously. Also, if you change to AD Authentication, all users in HC panel will not be able to login to HC control panel because in AD Authentication all users must have to be created first in your Active Directory under a specific OU Path which you will configure in HC panel too.
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