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2023/12/06 01:20:19 (permalink)

ExSign Exchange Emails Signature Solution installer has been updated

Toronto, Canada – Dec 06, 2023– We would like to inform our customers that ExSign Exchange Email Signature Software update is now available. This new update contains new features, enhancements and bugs fixes for recently reported issues.
List of new features & Enhancements are listed below;
  • 'Deleted Items Sync' option provided at entities listing for Entity Admin. 
  • On organization deletion, released the used mailbox license for the Entity.
  • Allowed OU Admin to Delete rules and Banners if workflow is set to Organization Level.
  • Exclude stamping(mailboxes) is also provided at Organization level for OU Admin.
  • Workflow implementation for Banners/Rules/Disclaimer.
  • Rules exceptions has been added in signature rules.
  • SMS Gateways settings are also integerated. 'Twilio' is provided as a hook for sms gateway.
  • Filter on 'User Stamping Report' updated for Email Addresses.
  • UI improvements.
  • Config Utility UI Changes and drag & drop option for Domain Controllers.
  • Command line utility for Admin Auth Reset is also provided in this email. 
  • Custom delimiters options for email stamping.
  • Email service retry issue fixed.
  • Disclaimer issue on text email fixed.
  • Desktop widgets loading improvement.
  • Event templates CC issue fixed.
  • Workflow settings and new role 'Approval Manager' for workflows.
  • Text-to-Html conversion on forward/reply messages.T
  • Text to HTML conversion on iPhone native client.
  • UI responsiveness of listing pages.
  • Connection History is provided for servers at its listing.
  • Provided User Stamping Report includes the organization name.
  • Street Address attribute issue is fixed.
  • Passwords on UI are shown in encrypted form.
  • Azure AD Authentication on the login page has been added.
Download Link: https://hostingcontroller.com/Hosting-Software-Downloads/Windows-Hosting-Automation.html?Product=ExSign 
Product Link: https://hostingcontroller.com/Email-Signature-Management/Overview-ExSign.html
Help Manual: https://docs.hostingcontroller.com/Products/ExSign/Getting-Started/What-is-ExSign 
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