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2005/12/08 15:08:43 (permalink)

FrontPage - Full Uninstall

I am using latest HC Hotfix on Windows 2003.

It seems that Full Uninstall does not work. It does not matter whether I select Yes or No for this option, HC does not make full uninstall.

Anybody else with this problem?

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    RE: FrontPage - Full Uninstall 2005/12/12 13:04:35 (permalink)
    Duplicate thread for same issue.
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    RE: FrontPage - Full Uninstall 2005/12/15 04:43:09 (permalink)

    Your answer is very frivolous. And this is not first time. Very often I have to repeat what I have asked at first time, before you really read it.

    This time, it looks like that you have seen FrontPage in subject and same Author for both topics and you say that it is duplicate thread! It is not! Those topics are completely different and questions are related to two different bugs of HC.

    To clarify this one: when you login as a reseller and go to section Tools :: FrontPage Manager :: Uninstall Extensions, Full uninstall does not work! What HC does, is normal uninstall, does not matter if you choose Full, or Normal uninstall.

    Can you fix this bug?

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    RE: FrontPage - Full Uninstall 2005/12/23 04:56:12 (permalink)
    Another week passes, no answer or comment by HC.
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    RE: FrontPage - Full Uninstall 2005/12/26 13:32:19 (permalink)
    Would you please explain a bit more. What exactly HC should Uninstall / Install?
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    RE: FrontPage - Full Uninstall 2005/12/27 04:27:58 (permalink)
    Well, I think you should know what Full/Normal Uninstall does, when you have this option in HC (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sppt/sharepnt/proddocs/admindoc/owsd02.mspx)

    (Normal)uninstall just disables FP extensions for web site, while Full uninstall disables extensions, deletes system folders created by FPSE, deletes related groups and users (Windows Local Users and Groups)and Registry entries created when you enable FPSE for that site.

    So, if you do not want to leave all kind of garbage you should use Full Uninstall. In HC there is an option for Full uninstall, but it does not work! HC just disables FPSE and leave all other things on server.

    I do not know how exactly HC uninstalls FPSE, but I suppose that you use owsadm.exe tool, and that you should change switch when you call it. Proper command for Full uninstall should be something like this:
    owsadm.exe -o fulluninstall -m test.com
    (This is how it works with FPSE2002 on Windows 2003, but I think it works same way on Windows 2000)
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    RE: FrontPage - Full Uninstall 2006/09/01 15:08:43 (permalink)
    Issue has been reported to the developers. Thanx
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