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2006/10/08 04:22:50 (permalink)

Can Not Connect to Hosting Controller

I installed HC 6.1 and it seems all HC services running in my services. IIS is running and I can connect to my server on port 80 but I cannot connect to HC on port 8077. what is the problem on my HC?

I appreciate everyone who can help me.

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    RE: Can Not Connect to Hosting Controller 2006/09/10 04:22:50 (permalink)
    Can you run HC panel on local machine? If you are using Firewall then please consult with this article to allow required ports in firewall. Please also make sure about following things:

    1- HC Admin Site is running under ¬HCAppPool¬ which has identity as ¬Local System¬.

    2- ¬HCGroup¬ is added in Local Security Policies of your system under User Rights Assignment--->Access this Computer from the network.

    3- ASP extensions are enabled in your IIS Server under Web Services Extensions Node.
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