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2006/09/11 09:38:59 (permalink)

Billing Paypal x100


I am using the paypal gateway
If someone do a payment then the balance of his account in HC(6.1 3.3) is 100 x bigger then the current payment
Perhaps there is something wrong in the configuration / with the comma.
example: payment over 10 eur - after payment over paypal there is an amount of 1000 eur in the Database (MS SQL Server under payment) and also under the billinginformation of the customer.
Can someone help me?


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    RE: Billing Paypal x100 2006/10/11 04:52:03 (permalink)
    Please check your Paypal Gateway configurations at host level by using this option Billing System---->Integrate / Edit Gateways ( Minimum Charge )& ( Decimal Positions in Amount ) and apply latest hotfix 3.3 on your machine.

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