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2008/01/31 09:32:16 (permalink)

Upgrade: Rename Reseller

Whatever you do, DO NOT rename a reseller when upgrading from HC 6.1 to 7.

It has the following problems.
It creates a new folder for this reseller, rather than just changing the name of the reseller and keeping the path the same (HC Decvelopers - you should have anticipated this and added a field to the db that holds reseller path on server. Then you could rename all day long).

It does not copy over content to new path.
It renames the path for sites in IIS, breaks scripts, plus now the sites are down due to no content.

It does not change the FTP login path, so effectively all sites are now stuck in their current state.

We are also having issues with Front Page users.

I have a ticket submitted to support, just wanted to warn fellow users about the evils of renaming resellers during the conversion.

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    RE: Upgrade: Rename Reseller 2008/01/02 03:48:46 (permalink)
    As per instructed by support department. All of your servers have successfully upgraded to HC7. Please contact them if you still have any issue. Thanks

    HC Support Team
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