LockedVERY dissapointed at HC7 support

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RE: VERY dissapointed at HC7 support 2008/05/15 15:39:58 (permalink)

HC Support, since you refuse to respond to our tickets I will post to the forum.

We have an opn case since February - all of march, april and now may we ask for update but you do not reply.

Now if you dont want to provide support thats cool, just give us some money back for the 40 plus licenses we own.

If this is thekind of response time for medium hosts with 40 plus licenses I would hate to be one of your smaller clients.

Simply put, this is not acceptable. If yuo cant fix it say so - dont ignore our requests for months.

Because of this yu have forced us to go to the competition, for all we know you dont respond cos you;r out of business

Originally posted by HC Support

Support has informed you this issue has been escalated to advanced technical support team and they are checking your issue. Previously support was getting "server not found error" and they also sent you screen shot of this error. As soon as they have any update about your issue they will inform you. FYI we donot provide support on Sunday.


Luis, your servers were upgraded by support team free of cost.

HC Support Team

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