Lockedftp bantwidth calculate

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2009/09/17 06:17:21 (permalink)

ftp bantwidth calculate

Hi all
I am using windows and linux HC8.
using gene6 and vsftp for ftp services
but hc8 cant calculate gene6 and vsftp banthwith for ipless hosting
what i need to do for this ?
or which ftp server program supprt this for hc8
because ftp is big part of bantwidth and traffic 

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    HC Staff
    Re:ftp bantwidth calculate 2009/09/17 17:31:27 (permalink)
    HC don't calculate ftp bandwidth for IPless or namebase domain. But it does calculate for IPbase or dedicated IP base domains.
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    Re:ftp bantwidth calculate 2009/09/18 01:03:15 (permalink)
    so i cant assign ip to my all customers ?
    just think i need 1000 ip if i have 1000 hosting customers
    im using ipless hosting for my standard customers like other hoster
    have you any opinion for my problem ?

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    Re:ftp bantwidth calculate 2009/09/23 04:12:29 (permalink)
    still im waiting solution
    can anyone help me ?

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