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2010/06/15 04:27:25 (permalink)

request: domain alias

we would like to see "domain aliases" - not parked domains! Domain alias where the one domain is a real alias to some other main domain. DNS are changed for both if updated, emails work for both on the accounts that are created on the mail domain, www ofcause also.

often you would by conviator.com conviator.net conviator.dk and so on. One is the main and then the rest should aliases and make sure not only www is working (as with parked domains) but also that emails on all domains and DNS changes are working for all domains.

we are not to happy to have to sell them one webhotel per domain and a webhotel where you can have more domains are not limited in use to one actual website.

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    Re:request: domain alias 2010/06/16 01:28:00 (permalink)
    If alias domain doesn't have separate dns zone file then how it will route ? or it is possible by creating a sub zone as a folder inside parent dns zone file ?
    How you do that manually in the server ?
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    Re:request: domain alias 2011/09/07 16:53:41 (permalink)
    YES!!!  Domain Aliases are so important!  It is one of the biggest 'hurts' since we moved to HC 3 years back.
    1) Create a domain Alias
        - creates a Host Header Entry
        - creates a mail domain alias (i know this works via the IceWarp API)
        - creates a new zone in DNS
    This can all be done....just waiting for HC to make it happen.  Come on people, post to this if you want this....it will help motivate the additional feature :)
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    Re:request: domain alias 2011/09/09 09:37:16 (permalink)
    I thing the only thing which is not handled is email domain alias since DNS zone and host headers are added as you add a parked domain. Is n't it?
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    Re:request: domain alias 2011/09/09 17:00:29 (permalink)
    Exactly. The mail server alias is a big one. Users should not have to use up a mail domain resource, and the admins (us) should not have to do it manually.

    And the name "parked Domains" is way off base, this should be listed as "add domain alias" under the DOMAINS menu. Essentially adding a new domain to the account and being able to alias it to another domain already in the we admins account.
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    Re:request: domain alias 2011/09/13 10:52:06 (permalink)
    Agreed!  We just moved to HC last month.  This is proving to be a bigger issue than we anticipated.
    Users should be able to add a domain and choose if they want it to be a web alias to another domain in the account AND if they want it to be a mail alias to another domain in the account.  This should be available individually, since a user may not want both services aliased.
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    Re:request: domain alias 2011/10/19 08:54:01 (permalink)
    I thing,
    A domain alias is an alternate name for an Internet domain. The name of a user's domain appears after the @ symbol in his or her email address.
    On the Domain names page, you can add additional domain names to your Google Apps account.
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    Re:request: domain alias 2011/12/20 00:13:16 (permalink)
    I am migrating from Helm and Helm allows domain aliases which creates the mail domain alias and everything automatically.  I vote for domain aliases.
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    Re:request: domain alias 2011/12/30 23:56:06 (permalink)
    How to Create a domain Alias?
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    Re:request: domain alias 2012/01/04 04:04:37 (permalink)
    1. Open a browser window and go to HostMySite.com
    2. Click on Control Panel Login.
    3. Log into the Control Panel as the Account Administrator and select the appropriate domain.
    4. Expand Exchange Administration and click Manage Domain Aliases.
    5. Select the Primary domain for the alias.
    6. Enter the domain name for the new domain alias.
    7. Click Add Alias.

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    Re:request: domain alias 2012/01/16 11:00:42 (permalink)
    I am guessing from the "Expand Exchange Administration" part that you are running Exchange.  For those of us not running Exchange, I'm not seeing any way to add a domain alias.  This seems like basic functionality.  We even had a crude way to do this on Alabanza when I started hosting back in 1999.
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    Re:request: domain alias 2012/04/22 08:10:19 (permalink)
    When will Domain alias be added to HC?  Parked domain is useless as far as I am concerned.
    Sure we can do it manually but if I wanted to do it manually I wouldn't need HC.  
    This thread started almost two years ago.  This should be a easy add on for HC.
    Jeff Roberg
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