LockedPublic Folder Issue [HELP PLEASE]

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2019/04/17 06:43:55 (permalink)

Public Folder Issue [HELP PLEASE]

I am getting this error  in HC Panel. "Public Folder Mailbox Doesn't Exist".
I tried to create PF from Shell and still receiving the below PS error.

No Active public folder mailbox user found. 
Can anyone help?

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    Re: Public Folder Issue [HELP PLEASE] 2019/04/17 07:33:33 (permalink)
    According to the Exchange Shell error, it seems that root public folder mailbox is set to "LockedForMigration". If you are in migration phase from legacy public folders to modern public folders in Exchange Server 2016 and during this process and you have created the public folder mailbox with HoldForMigration mode. To check the status of Root Public Folder mailbox, execute the given below PS command.

    If "LockedForMigration" status is set to "True" then it means that HoldForMigration mode is "ON" against the root public folder mailbox. The HoldForMigration parameter locks the public folder hierarchy in Exchange Server so that no public folders can be created until the migration is completed.

    If you mistakenly created the root public folder mailbox with the HoldForMigration parameter, then you must delete all public folder mailboxes that are present in the organization.

    For  your reference, you may also refer to the given below Microsoft Tech-Net article in which all the details are mentioned.
    Good luck!
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