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2019/04/26 07:40:39 (permalink)

Import Exchange Organization

Hey there!
When I use HC panel import feature for importing an existing Exchange organization located in a different OU, The OU is created under the common OU but mailboxes are not imported under that OU, it looks empty. Can anyone help me on this, it seems import feature does not import the mailboxes?

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    HC Team
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    Re: Import Exchange Organization 2019/04/29 03:17:12 (permalink)
    There are 3 steps required for importing an existing Exchange Organization, its Accepted Domain and other objected like Exchange Mailboxes, Groups into HC panel:
    Step # 1 : Importing Existing Exchange Organization from Configurations >>Migration >> Import Organization in HC10 Panel.(This step is already performed by you.)
    Step # 2 : Running separate Exchange Import tool which can be downloaded from this link (This is to be done by you). After running this tool, your Exchange Mailboxes and Groups will be moved to new target OU under the Root Organization Unit and Address List Segregation will also be performed on these Exchange Objects.
    Step # 3 : In this last step, login into HC panel and navigate to Provisioning >>  Exchange Organizations. Click on TriggerSync link from dropdown menu which shows against your desired Organization that is to be imported into HC panel.
    That's it. Now your mailboxes and Distribution Groups will start listing in the HC panel too. If this is not the case then open ticket with Hosting Controller support dept. by sending an email to support@hostingcontroller.com 
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