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2019/04/29 02:42:59 (permalink)

Exchange Reporting.

Is there any possibility to retrieve all mailboxes along with their types from HC reports? I know built-in feature of HC named Exchange Usage Report and Exchange Mailboxes Report but it does not full fill my requirement. I need to segregate mailboxes along with their types easily.
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☄ Helpfulby Clarke 2019/04/30 03:56:49
Re: Exchange Reporting. 2019/04/30 01:33:43 (permalink)
If you want to track the user mailboxes, shared mailboxes and resource mailbox easily via HC panel then there is an option at host-admin level to create the custom Exchange report by navigating to this path: Reports >> Exchange Reports.  From here you can add the given below custom Power-Shell command.
Get-Mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails SharedMailbox, UserMailbox, RoomMailbox,EquipmentMailbox
This will solve your problem.

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Re: Exchange Reporting. 2019/04/30 04:52:21 (permalink)
Ahan Nice. 
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